Due to the popularity of FunQuest's classes, some upcoming classes may be full.  If so, please contact FunQuest to be placed on the wait list for future classes.

K9 Nose Work®

NW1 - Introduction to K9 Nose Work®

This six week class will introduce your dog to the exciting game of K9 Nose Work®. The primary goal of this class is to have fun by allowing your dog to connect with his/her “inner hunter.” Each week you will see your dog’s confidence and enthusiasm increase as various challenges are added to the searches. You will have fun getting to know the other students in the class and cheering each other on as the dogs become more and more engaged in the game.

NW2 - Introduction to K9 Nose Work®

This six week session of classes will further solidify basic searching skills and introduce interior room and vehicle searches to the teams. While the dogs are developing their searching abilities, handlers will be honing their observation and leash handling skills.

NW3 A/B - Building Advanced Search Skills

Utilizing the foundation principles of K9 Nose Work®, these six-week classes introduce a variety of fun, confidence building, box and interior room search exercises. Weather (and daylight) permitting, exterior searches will be introduced. Students will learn to recognize the subtle changes in their dog’s behavior as they begin a search, and then focus in on one portion of the area until they can locate the hidden odor reward.

NW 4 - Introduction to Odor

Putting together all of the skills developed in the previous classes, we will now introduce our well rounded and confident search dogs to the target odor of Birch! We will start with box searches and proceed to interior room searches and weather permitting, exterior and vehicle searches for their target odor.

NW4+ - Competition Prep & Field Trips

In this class we will continue to expand dog and handler skills and (weather permitting) will include off-site exterior area searches. The focus of NW4+ field trips is to expose dogs to various search environments and prepare teams for K9 Nose Work® competitions. Teams will begin their training with the target odor of Anise during this session.We will also work on container search skills to prepare teams for success in their ORT (Odor Recognition Test). The ORT is the first step in entering a K9 Nose Work® trial.

ADV - Advanced Level Competition Prep

This class is for advanced teams having at least a NW1 title with the National Association of Canine Nose Work (NACSW). We will work on the ever-increasing complexity of scent challenges as well as visiting varied environments and locations. Emphasis will be on trial prep, leash handling finesse, working multiple scent scenarios, high, low, inaccessible (in a cabinet or enclosure), multiple vehicles, windy conditions, working with time pressure and increasing handlers skills of working a search area efficiently with their particular dog. Building TEAMWORK!

Foundation and Beginning Classes

Focus on Foundation - Agility Prep

Have fun learning training games that will help you to develop and strengthen your relationship with your dog. Build teamwork while learning skills that will be the basis for further agility training. You will learn training games that you and your dog can play at home. No special equipment needed other than a playful attitude!The focus of this class is learning and developing basic foundation or "ground" skills. The dogs will begin their introduction to agility equipment in the Fundamentals classes.

Funadamentals A - Agility Handler Skills

This class provides an opportunity to review and fine tune your foundation skills with an increased level and variety of distractions. Continue to build the bond with your dog that will enable you to work as a team.

Funadamentals B - Obstacle Performance Introduction

Continue to practice and improve skills acquired in previous classes with an increasing level of challenges and distractions. Have fun and learn how to safely introduce your dog to a variety of agility obstacles.

Jump Into Agility Workshop

At the end of this fun, active workshop, you will know why Dog Agility is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA. We will present basic information about the sport and a short agility demonstration. The rest of the session will be spent with you and your dog having fun together participating in an introduction to this exciting and rewarding activity. This is a great opportunity to build trust and confidence and enhance your relationship with your dog. You'll also meet other people who are crazy about their dogs too! Dogs should be at least 10 months old. Human handlers of any age over twelve years are welcome!

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